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Oval Jig - Chartreuse/Black & White - 2 Oz

Oval Jig - Chartreuse/Black & White - 2 Oz

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Works best in 50-70ft of water (15-21 meters).
This jig is made specifically to target Tautog, aka "Blackfish", as its action resembles a crab crawling on the bottom. It works as effectively for black sea bass, scup and other bottom dwelling species. To target these species, drop it to the bottom and jig it up up 2-4 inches from the ocean floor. Pay special attention to the fall phase of the movement as bites often occur as the jig is dropping back down. Alternate the speed and the height of your jigging movement. Extra Tip: If you drag this jig on a sandy bottom, don't be surprised if you hook up with a fluke or flounder. No chaser or grub needed on the back hooks.

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