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Fish Jig - Chartreuse/Black & White - 1 Oz

Fish Jig - Chartreuse/Black & White - 1 Oz

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Works best in a in 30-50ft of water (9-15 meters).
This jig is designed to target large black sea bass and fluke when fishing in medium depth w
aters. The jig mimics the action of a sandeel swimming close to the bottom.
Fish it by casting it out and let it sink to the bottom, with a control drop. Jig it up between 1-3 ft from the bottom and control the fall of the jig, it will get bit as it flutters down. Make sure to keep a tight line.
Extra Tip: If you drag this jig on a sandy bottom, don't be surprised if you hook up with a fluke or flounder. No chaser or grub needed on the back hooks.

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